Perhaps I should start with a What its all about before I started posting my art. My name is Darren and I’m from the island of Trinidad in the West Indies.
I’ve loved art since I was very young and can remember myself doing some kind of art be it drawing, painting or crafting monsters in Plasticine and I’ve been doing it ever since and if I’m not doing it physically its going on in my mind. Art is a great way to channel your creativity, to relax or to just have fun, unless you’re still in school and decide to draw cartoons all over the brand new desk in your technical drawing class like I did way back when… luckily I only had to scrub it off with bleach and wasn’t sent to the principals office…and thankfully I never got caught drawing all over the school walls.

I’ve never been much into social media maybe I’ve watched to much RT news, anyway since I’ve been wanting to share my art for years now with like minded individuals I thought that I’d at least give it an honest try. I’ve had blogs and SM accounts before , art related and miscellaneous but never kept them for long.
For me the biggest turn offs of many of these sites is that they’re pretty much about vanity and fakery , in a nutshell too much BS for me, in the art sections everyone is in such a mad rush to show off their work that hardly anyone really stops to appreciate anything except the occasional follower who might often feel compelled to like a post because it showed up on their pages feed so its really no surprise to see so much good art go unseen and so many great artist succumb to the mishmash of algorithms, lack of followers or too many people flooding the site with their art, that they simply fade away. Well I decided to try out a few blogs, see how it goes and I’ll keep the one that suits my needs and that gives me the most exposure.

I’ll be uploading some of my Art from time to time, Drawings,Sculptures and paintings that I’ve done or will do… Hopefully someone will find my blog in the matrix and see something they like.

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Who am I is one of the biggest questions that we're here to discover. I can say I am this or I am that but time changes everything, so we're always something new.

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