METAL HEALTH ALBUM COVER I’ve been wanting to do this one for a long time, for those who don’t know Quiet Riot was a Heavy Metal band from the 80’s with hits like “come on feel the noise” and “bang your head”, if I ever had to choose favorite Metal song it would be “come on feel the noise” I would literally blast that until it cracked the building if I could, Kevin DuBrow really nailed it. I know that this drawing is not the prettiest of subjects, its more of a nostalgic piece because like I said if I had to choose a favorite metal song it would be from this band. This was done in pencil and charcoal on 14″ x 17″ smooth paper and took me about 9 hours to complete. Kevin Dubrow died in 2007 from a drug overdose, his brother is the famous plastic surgeon from the tv show botched, Terry Dubrow (I never knew that until recently) and “come on feel the noise” was sung by the band SLADE before quiet riot. Since I’m still getting used to navigating through Word Press (can’t say how many times I trashed a post before getting it right, but its a lot) Hopefully soon I’ll be checking out some other blogs on art, liking some post and posting more stuff, until then as Tenacious D says “You can’t kill the Metal https://youtu.be/cBtjSHm3ZH0 . and thank you to all who liked my post.

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