Morgan Jones TWD drawing

Morgan Jones TWD Pencil drawing

Besides being a Sci Fi fan I’m also a big horror fan I’ve actually lost track of how many horror movies that I’ve watched and zombie apocalypse shows are like best of both worlds.. TWD has been one of the best zombie tv series ever shown, I’ve even played the game (Tell Tales TWD, I think voted game of the year 2012 and not to be confused with AMC TWD), anyway followed by Z Nation and Fear the walking dead, well that’s just my opinion.

I never much liked Morgan on the walking dead (the character), to me he seemed arrogant, bitter and and a bit unpredictable at times. It was only when he calmed down a bit and kinda entered his own soul search/ spiritual path that he grew on me, nevertheless I liked him much better in Fear the walking dead.

This portrait was done on 14 x 17 cansons mixed media paper using pencils..

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