Old Gypsy Woman Drawing

Old gypsy woman

If one does not die prematurely due to sickness or accidents the reality of old age eventually catches up with you, the vanities of our youthful appearance and agility that so many take pride in is most often transformed into the opposite and eventually the body will return to the elements. If you asked yourself the question, what is the purpose of life ? why am I here ? What would you honestly answer ? I think that many live in such a materialistic mindset that for them the only goals or purpose would be, self gratification, the acquisition of material things or to prove that they are better than someone else.And people literaly do this.

Imagine spending your entire lives in pursuit of such things/ideals only to one day wake up and realize that you’re now old and your state of consciousness has never evolved, that you’re still as petty minded, selfish  as you were when you were a child.,you never grew, never expanded your mind, sadly this is the state that many live and die in, some how they think that because they believe that they”ve found truth or are chosen’ then everythings okay, that they don”nt need to work on themselves anymore, they never seem to realize thay you can take nothing with when you die  except  your state of consciousness and that takes you to a place suited to you. For all the forgivness and mercy in the universe can”t change you , only you can do that. Wealth ,abundance and prosperity are great, when aquiried and used for the right reasons and motivations.

I found a photo of an Old Gypsy woman online and this is my expression of it. I sometimes enjoy drawing old people because their faces has so much more expression and details than a younger person, its as if life’s experiences has been chiseled on their faces . Size 14 x 17 inches ,time 10 hrs .

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