Rick Grimes (TWD) Drawing

For as long as I remember I was always a fan of Horror movies and I’m speaking about terrifying hard core horror movies that would scare the crap out of the average person and please don’t mistake Horror with Gore movies, to me the latter is but a poor substitute. Anyway zombie movies have always been something that I like, though they’re not as terrifying as a genuine horror film, they make up for that with the suspense and action that they contain, you name them I’ve probably seen them,

night of the living dead,28 weeks later, 28 days later, dawn of the dead,train to busan, I am legend, resident evil, sean of the dead, zombiland, cooties, Zombie Apocalypse, the horde, rec. and so much more that I can even remember the names anymore. TWD series imo has been one of the best zombie tv series ever, followed by Z Nation and FTWD. I drew this picture of Rick Grimes (played by Andrew Lincon) a few months ago but wasn’t satisfied with it and left it alone until a few days ago when I did a little adjustments and made a few changes and I think that’s its okay now.

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