Shirley Temple pencil Drawing

Shirley Temple
Shirley Temple

About a year and a half ago I decided to take a break from extreme tv violence and decided to spend whatever tv time I allowed myself to watching family friendly movies, the problem was I had no idea where to start since all that I’ve watched for entertainment for as long as I can remember were movies infested with some sort of violence in one way or another, come to think of it even the children’s cartoons are filled with violence, anyway lucky for me there was the internet and with a little bit of digging around I discovered Shirley Temple, well I knew who she was and as a kid I probably watched one or two of her movies, so I decided to give Shirley Temple a try and that was it ,after the first movie I was hooked, in the end I watched all but three of her movies, I think Shirley temple was probably the most loved child actress ever, not to mention her popularity, boy was she popular and we”re talking here about a time before the internet, no face book no instagram and yet she was so well known.

I think she was the child that everyone wished they had , adorable and funny even when mischievous. Well her movies weren’t disappointing though after having gone through nearly all of them, I’ll admit they became a bit repetitive, hence the reason I didn’t finish watching all of them ,alas it would seem as if little Shirley Temple had been type cast into playing the same role of a good little girl ,kinda like Jaleel White and Steve Urkel ( If I remember correctly in an old interview that I watched on you tube, she said that she wished that she couldve played someone bad ). Well after watching her movies I was a bit intrigued by the person behind the roles,what was she like, how did her life turn out ? This is something that I often do when an actor/actress captures my attention, I wonder what the person behind the roles is really like, sometimes you find out they,re not such good people, then sometimes they are. So wanting to know more about her life story, again the trusty internet came to my rescue.

Well I was in luck because as it turns out Shirley (Now Shirley Temple Black ,had written an autobiography of her early years up until having a family.) Its called Child Star: An Autobiography by Shirley Temple Black.

So I got myself a copy a read it and it was amazing, I liked Shirley Temple even more after reading it, I only wish that I had a silver tongue when it came to writing ,then I would’ve given her book an awesome review.

Sadly Shirley Temple Black passed away in 2014 after a long ailment with lung disease.

I wanted to capture Shirley Temple on paper, this is my second attempt and I plan on doing more because she has great HQ photos to choose from and makes a good subject, I thoroughly enjoyed drawing her. This is a drawing that I did at the begining of Janurary 2019,, it took appox. 13 hours to complete. Done on Cansons mixed media paper 14″ x 17″.

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