Frodo Baggins Drawing (LOTR)

Frodo Baggins

I mentioned in another post that The LOTR triology was a fave of mine, little hobbit Frodo because of his innocent nature and pure heart is entrusted with an awful quest to save the realm of men by journeying through the treacherous land of Mordor towards Mt. Doom, where he is supposed to destroy the evil ring of sauron and if the unforgiving terrain wasn”t enough to deal with, he had to endure hunger,evade orcs ,face off with a giant spider, a swamp full of undead and the dreaded Nazgul and lets not forget Gollum’, who given the chance would’ve clobbered him in his sleep to get back his once precious ring. Lucky for frodo his trusting friend and faithful compinion Samwise Gamgee decided to follow him, and make the journey with him, together they faced the dangers and resisted the temptation to keep the ring as their own, though in the end Frodo actually cracked and were it not for Gullom biting off his finger (ring still attached to said finger) perhaps that would”ve been it for mankind?

Life is full of Orcs,giant spiders,gollums and all kinds of treachery,though they take on human forms, some even look like white wizards, they will try to bring you down, discourage you, isolate you if you”re not one of them or even destroy you if they can.

But ,no matter how small ,insignificant or powerless you feel you are, you can accomplish big things all you need to do is believe in yourself, only you can complete your quest, no one else can do it for you.

This is my second attempt at drawing frodo,the first I tried in oil pastels that my sister brought back when she visited florida, it was trying to draw with wax candles, they would not blend and left thick chunky wax marks on the paper,needless to say, I was dissapointed because for three weeks I looked and smelt them like the last candy bar in a zombie apocalypse, thinking about the moment that I would use them, but thankfully I didn”t buy them at 3 or 4 times the given price ( usually thats how much it ends up costing to order stuff and have it shipped to my country) … then had to deal with the fact that they were no good, sending back is not an option as it cost more than the item is worth most times.

Thanks for the read.

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