Medusa paper mache clay bust sculpture

Medusa bust sculpture


Medusa bust sculpture back view

Originaly was a trial blog and it still is, though I have’nt been posting much I still will when I get around to it, keeping a blog active and intresting requires alot of time, well for me at least because I actually do read the posts that I liked. Well I have a copy of this blog at blogger though it hasnt been updated for awhile, eventually I’ll keep either this or that one, wordpress is okay but blogger looks more professional though so far no one has discovered that blog, not sure if blogger has search options to discover new blog post. Ok so lets begin.

I started doing paper mache clay sculptures seriously about three years ago though I had sculpted with a variation of it about 8 years prior to taking it seriously as a sculpting medium. I never thought much of it and had no idea that anyone did anything with the medium ( I had mixed up a batch of paint ,plaster and glue wirh a bit of water and layered it over a 3 foot snowman that I did in the old paper mache style i.e. strips of paper and flour paste.

It lasted about 6 years, I can’t remember exactly but I decided to put blinking lights in the eyes and bore holes in the sculpture and because the insides were made from flour paste’ bugs got inside and though I sprayed bug spray’ year after year those bugs kept coming back eating the inside layer until I finally decided to scrap it.

Fast foward I was looking at sculptures online one day and came across papermache clay ( a mixture of flour,a bit of bleach or any anti fungal stuff, plaster, pva glue, linseed oil, starch and paper pulp mixed together to form a clay like texture that can be used over an armature, shaped or moulded into whatever you like and when dried it can be sanded, painted and varnished. ) some people call it papermache clay, others , simply papermache, I’ve even seen it referred to as carton pierre. Anyway giving credit where credit is due, the recipe That I use is a varition of the one posted online by Jonni Good, who I’ve read has been creating sculptures with this medium for many years now though her recipe comes out like cake batter and is spread on with a knife, that was a bit limiting for me so I made mine more dry and solid and cut out alot of the flour (since my previous experience with papermache I prefer not to uee flour but its needed so I just reduced the amt.) Anyway this claylike mixture seems to be completely bug and mildew resistant, I suppose because of the pva glue’oil and plaster, in fact I have an unpainted piece sitting in a box for about a year and a half now and its fine, the only dissapointing thing about these sculptures are that they are indoor sculpture because they cant stand up to the rains for too long because of the materials that they’re made of.

Okay so about the sculpture, I’ve been a fan of the greek myths for a very long time and at first I was going to do a cyclops but went with Medusa instead. You can read more of Medusa’s story here rather than I make this post longer than it already is.

The sculpture took about a month to make, its hollow inside as I prefer not to stuff my sculptures with paper and has if I remember about 47 or 49 snakes, all the ones projecting out were individually sculpted and attached, the ones lying down were sculpted directly on the bust, I think it weighs about 7 / 8 lbs . This was made between a year and a half or two years ago.

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2 thoughts on “Medusa paper mache clay bust sculpture

  1. Hi art guy daz! Thanks for the comment on my pietà de la liberte papier mâché sculpture. I like your Medusa a lot! Medusa was on of those Greek myths that totally frightened me as a child, as you can imagine. My father had a bad habit of telling the most gruesome ones as bedtime stories…anyhow, as to papier mache, I use the layered version, the paper strips dipped in solution etc. Cloth mache is also good and quicker. But I find the clay kind takes a very long time to dry and is heavy. I can easily pick up my lifesize pieta, but not if she had plaster added to her or even if she were solid pulp. You might try that laying kind…if you want to know my papier mâché solution, no ants or bugs, I will happily share.

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    1. Hi. thanks for the comment, I always liked Medusa, maybe because I was a horror fan from very young, I never thought that she was bad.
      I glad that you liked my sculpture , I have more but haven’t gotten around to posting them yet, they weigh from 2 to about 18 lbs because of the plaster I.e. ( joint compound added ) somehow the idea got stuck in my head that a heavy solid sculpture seems more durable than a lighter one that might break easily, though now I try to make them as light as I possibly can. I have tried a bit of cloth mache once . I may take you up on the offer ( bug free solution ) if or when I decide to try out the paper strips method again, I’ve seen some really nice sculptures made that way.


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