Fred Flintstone paper mache clay sculpture

Fred Flintstone sculpture

Fred Flintstone sculpture side view

So I finally got around to making another post, this is another one of my sculptures that I made within the last three years, I can’t remember the exact date could be about a year and a half ago or more, not that I don’t date my sculptures because I do but my fool proof/ safe guard idea against the date or my signature being erased made me put them on the inside… yep on the inside of nearly all my sculptures ( the large ones) has my signature and the date) written on paper ,sealed and stuck to the inside of the sculpture (they’re hollow) the only thing is that to see it you have to destroy the sculpture, that way no one could erase my mark, I never thought that I would forget the date that I made them though. I guess its somewhere on a flash drive with the original pics that I took.

Okay, so I wrote a bit about my involvement in paper mache in my last post , don’t think that I mentioned why I chose papermache, well it wasn’t my first choice as a sculpting medium but because I don’t have access to a klin, ceramics was out and the cost of importing polymer clays or epoxy sculpt, pal tiya mix etc is way to high to make the size sculptures that I wanted too, so I settled for paper mache, unfortunately that’s how it is when you live on a small island that imports more than it produces..

Sometimes I browse around and I think that all the good stuff that I saw or liked while growing up seems to be all but forgotten now and creating some of them givers me a piece of that forgotten time , this sculpture took about 6 weeks to complete and weighs about 13/15 lbs. Materials used paper mache clay ( home made ) cardboard, wire, and a bit of styrofoam that I built the head on.

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