A few of my Christmas sculptures

My Christmas sculptures

My Christmas sculptures

A Santa sculpture I did from air dried clay

Since I’m at it I thought I might as well post the sculptures that I made for christmas , these were made during the last three years only the ones that I dated I can remember when they were exactly done.

All of these except the santa were made from the papermache clay medium, the santa was made using terra cotta air dried clay that I had bought a few lbs of ( well I couldn’t get anymore white and after a month of waiting to see if I could find any a place that sold it said that they only had terracotta and brown so terracotta it was, and unlike the white it was pretty messy to work with. For the beard I used cotton because I couldnt find any faux fur or anything that I could use as hair ( I sometimes wonder if I’m living on a deserted island jeez), The clothes were a combination of sewing and using the glue gun, It was a challenge but eventually I got it done.

The other ornaments were made from paper mache clay, the frosty is based on the cartoon, I had made two of those that were slightly different and gave my sister one of them, the carolers and the snow mans head are based on ornaments that I saw online. These are the christmas sculpture that I have pics of, some of the others that I did I never took photos or they were given away before I did.

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