The Grinch paper mache clay sculpture

The Grinch paper mache sculpture

The Grinch sculpture top view

The Grinch sculpture rear view

The Grinch before sanding and painting

Another recent sculpture that I made, if you read my last post you would probably remember that I mentioned that the rock climber was originally supposed to be a 3 d wall hanging of the grinch standing at the edge of the mountain where he usually spies on the folks of whoo ville but after careful consideration I thought that it would be a bit too heavy for my liking and decided to do the grinch as a seperate sculpture..

When I first started doing these sculptures I would sand them smoothly like the ones I saw online but after awhile I decided not to do that anymore ( well almost anymore) because I loved the rough texture,so now I just sand them to a certain state or feel and leave them like that. Of course it all depends on the sculpture that I’m doing as some may need to be sanded pretty smooth to get the look that I want..

The grinch was a fairly simple sculpture to do and took about a week including drying time inbetween layering and joining. I have a few christmas sculptures that I made besides this one and I post them together when I find the photos as I stored them on a flash drive somewhere with other pics.

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