Frosty the Snow man paper mache clay sculpture ( a closer look )

Frosty papermache sculpture

Frosty papermache sculpture before painting

Frosty papermache clay sculpture

Frosty sculpture before painting

Here’s a closer look at the two frosty sculptures that I made, as I mentioned before one was given to my sister. The pics arent of a good quality and lighting but they were the ones that I took while I was making the sculpture. The broom handle was made from a bamboo skewer the rest the papermache clay mix.

When I first started sculpting with this medium I used a knife like I saw others doing, I even made my own sculpting tools , then I just started using my fingers to apply, siƱce then I work with my hands unless i need to make marks or patterns on the sculpture then I use whatever gets the job done.

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