Paper mache clay dog ( Snots)

Hello to all who read my blog and to those who may discover it for the new year and find it worth a read, hope that you all enjoyed the holiday season, sometimes there’s so much work to be done that you hardly get the time to enjoy much.

The years end was intresting in Trinidad because they legalized Marijuana, imagine that, one day you could be jailed for having it on you or smoking it and now just like that you can grow up to four plants of your own.

As a non smoker, it didn’t make any difference to me, though the law was a very stupid one since alcahol is very legal and imo more dangerous than weed, anyway I plan on doing some reading up on the plant to see if and what are its benifits since I do believe in the use of herbs/plants for healing over synthetic medicines.

Okay so this is Snots ( I took the name from cousin Eddies dog in national lampoons christmas vacation, another holiday fave of mine). This was the last paper mache clay sculpture that I made for 2019 , it was given to my brother and sister in law as a Christmas gift with the hope thar my 8 year old niece would not destroy it.

Snots the paper mache clay dog

Paper mache dog sculpture ( snots)

Snots before he was painted

Snots on the coffee table before he went off to live by my brother

Here is an unrelated pic. A sun flower ,one of three that I grew and the only real sun flowers that I’ve seen in my entire life the rest were pics, I don’t think much people grow them in Trinidad and if they do i’ve never come across any so far, this one grew up to 6 feet tall.

Sun Flower that I grew.

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