Begging Boy sculpture

This was one of the first large humanoid sculpture that I did a few years back, it’s made from paper-mache clay, weighs about 3 lbs and stands ab 2.5 feet talliutI still have a few more but the others I scrapped because I wasn’t pleased with them. The sculpture depicts a child begged the way you might see them in third world countries, I exaggerated the features like the ears , hands and feet to make them stand out and made them kind of gnarly to show the hard life this guy is supposed to be living, hustling whatever money he can , most likely to buy food or drugs.

In my teenage years I would hangout ( lime we call it) with some street kids,, they were just normal people with dreams and life plans like everyone else they all drank and smoked, I can’t say what’s become of them now . I can’t even remember their names because it was so long ago.

Begging Boy sculpture
Begging Boy side view
Begging Boy rear view

Now on a side note, it’s funny how strange we humans can be, I think what I admire about those guys as I look back was that everyone was down to earth, real, they weren’t as fake as so many people are today, now people lack humility, they talk the talk but seldom walk the walk and at the slightest advancement they make in their lives their ego swells twice or three times the size. Suddenly they’re too important , it’s sad but unfortunately that’s how many humans are. In time they will learn that in the greater scheme of things, that no one is that important yet we’re all that important.

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