Old Slave

This is a sculpture that I did a few years ago depicting an old African slave, I wanted to do something from our country’s history and decided in this. I browsed around online and found a photo of an old African slave I think from the 1800.

Old Slave sculpture

I was listening to a priest talk on a TV program the other day and he said that slavery exist today in greater numbers than it did back then ( if I remember correctly). Via human trafficking, forced labour and prostitution probably being the greatest, and these are people of all races black, white, brown etc. I often sit and think how human lives are considered to be of such little or no value to so many people that they would be treated in such a manner, I think that after thousands of years that humans have not learned anything from their mistakes. Imagine if we all started to see everyone as actual worth something how our attitudes and behaviours will change, no easy task I know because because years of conditioning be it racial, cultural or whatever have made some men/ women more monsters than human.

Old Slave sculpture (Fv)
Old Slave sculpture (RV)

This sculpture was pace from paper-mache clay.

Off topic time, I heard the other day that a family friend who migrated to the US a few years ago had passed away from the Covid 19 virus, I thought No way! He was only about 42 years old, I can’t believe it. I’m still a bit shocked about the news but it goes to show that anyone can get this virus and anyone can die from it, so I hope that everyone keeps safe because it’s probably going to be around for a long time.

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