Aaron & friend

Hi all, so I really haven’t been in the blogging mood for awhile and I’m still not quite there as yet but I just thought that I’d post something today. This is a drawing of one of my nephews , I still remember convincing him that I had magical powers when he was younger by programming the TV to shut down then waving my hands and chanting yuu yuu yuu yuu ( Abe’s chant from the old ps 1 game Oddworld) until the TV magically turned off. Then there was the time I convinced him that I was the real wolverine, that the cartoon version was based on me, by taping claws made from aluminium foil to the back of my hands and flashing them to him, he didn’t see the tape people. Anyway he asked me to do this drawing of himself and his friend last year. This was done in pencil on cansons mixed media paper

Aaron and friend

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Who am I is one of the biggest questions that we're here to discover. I can say I am this or I am that but time changes everything, so we're always something new.

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