Hi all, hope everyone is well and remembering to keep safe, it seems that lately you hear so very little about the Corona virus, it’s as if it has suddenly disappeared, though we all know that it hasn’t, it’s just that countries got to run so they’re diverting people’s attention and seem to be doing a pretty good job of it. Okay so that was my off topic view on current events, now on to my picture.

Rose in watercolour pencil

This is a quick sketch of a rose from a plant that my brother bought for my mother just before she passed away, this is actually the first flower that we got from if. I did a sketch in pencil from a photo that I took and used watercolour pencils, then blended it in using a brush and water. I’m new to water colour pencils but they seem to work pretty nicely and less messy to clean up after. This was done on cansons 9×12 mixed media paper.

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