Marilyn Monroe pencil portrait

Marilyn Monroe pencil portrait

Marilyn Monroe born Norma Jeane Mortenson was a popular American actress and model in the 50s to early 60s before her death in 1962 apparently by ingesting barbiturates, she is a subject of Elton John’s song candle in the wind which was written as a tribute to her. You might think that someone who seemingly has it all, beauty, popularity and wealth might be happy, but this isn’t always the case, something that I’ve come to learn is  that though material affluence may make one more comfortable in life they don’t necessarily make you happy.

I did this drawing on 9×12 slightly textured paper using a new set of drawing pencils that I bought.

Okay so off topic now, I’ve been posting on the net for years now, usually incognito, somehow I never liked the publicity and I still don’t, normally I’d not keep my posts up for long unless I had posted on a website where I wasn’t able to remove them, It still amazes me when people think that I know nothing about SM because I don’t really use it and then proceed to educate me on such things, ryden and try to explain again and again that I’m not really that interested in social media, usually I play along and act as if I’m Clueless .

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