Shirley Temple pencil portrait

So, I’ve said before. I enjoyed drawing Shirley Temple I think that she is a great subjected to draw and that she has a good collection of photos available online to choose from. I chose this photo because it looked like a challenge, with the facial expression and the hair, this was done from an online photo from the 1930s if I remember correctly. Anyway I’m not fond of doing hair, especially curly hair and that’s another reason why I decided to do this., to challenge myself.

I’ve been browsing the photos of actor’s from the early 1900s, there’s something about them, something that they have that seems missing in today’s actors. And surprisingly they have some pretty decent photographs that I can use should I decide to use them as drawing subjects.

This drawing took me only around eight hours to complete ( because I hurried it down) I like drawing realistic to a certain degree, but not hyper realistic because of the amount of time it would take to complete the drawing, and let’s not forget patience.

I decided to upload two copies of the same drawing under different lighting, I always seem to get trouble with the lighting when taking a photograph all my drawings it never really looks the way it does on the drawing perhaps I need to use a scanner.

Shirley Temple pencil portrait
Shirley Temple pencil portrait

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