Minstrel papermache sculpture

This is a sculpture that I made a few years ago, I recently repainted most of it excepting the head and banjo because the varnish had discolored the whites on the sculpture, originally I had tried to get a water-based clear varnish but was unable to find any at the hardware so I had to settle with the ordinary shellac varnish and this has a tendency to discolor after a while or when exposed to light, so after repainting I decided to use spray clear coat as a finisher for the sculpture. This took approximately a month to create.

The minstrel as portrayed in the sculpture is a local version of the minstrel character. That has been played/ portrayed in our traditional mas, “Ole mas” at Carnival time, where people dress in costumes that has been used over the years at Carnival time from the beginning.

Minstrel paper mache sculpture
Minstrel paper mache sculpture
Minstrel paper machine sculpture
Minstrel paper mache sculpture
Minstrel paper mache sculpture

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