Sitting Bull pencil portrait

Sitting bull was a Native American Chief and holy man belonging to the Lakota people. He is famous for The battle of the little big horn and for working together with Buffalo Bill, he died of a gunshot wound after resisting arrest for suspicion that he might have joined up with a Native American spiritual movement that believed that a saviour would come to free them from the White man’s rule, I guessing that the forces in power at that time were thinking that Sitting Bull might play the saviour role, unfortunately I’m not a gifted writer so I won’t go on and on as those who might not know much about him can easily find details online.

I’ve been wanting to draw this for about 2 years now but kept putting it off, well I finally finished it. I decided not to blend my shading and leave my pencil marks showing this time, I actually prefer drawing like this and I also opted out the usual shading methods, cross hatching etc and just did my own thing, in fact I rather prefer doing my own thing in my own way once it works. I’m not going to overanalize my work, it is what it is, simply that.

Sitting Bull pencil portrait

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