Arnold  Schwarzenegger pencil portrait

arnold schwarzenegger pencil portrait

Lately I’ve not been in the art mood and so haven’t been doing much as I would , it happens sometimes, the inspiration dissapears and you’ve either got to take a break or work through it. This is a drawing of Arnold Schwarzenegger, I recently saw a you tube video of him at a charity sports event in South Africa that took place about a year ago, there he was mingling with the fans when out of no where an attention seeking nut runs in an dropkicks him in the back, that really pissed me off, firstly he was 71 years old at the time, I mean who would do that to an old man? Secondly he could have seriously injured or even broken Arnold’s back. I guess the nut thought that he would be forever famous as the guy who threw down the terminator, but in true terminator style Arnold took the unexpected kick in the back without falling down, it looked as if the guy droppedkicked a sack of cement.

Anyway hope you like and thanks for dropping by.

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