Trying out Vr Art

So I haven’t been on WP for quite awhile now, at first I decided to take a little break, and I thought that I had become a little addicted to “likes” when I made a post, the creators of the like button knew very well what they were doing as they seem to understand a bit about human psychology and brain chemistry ( I had listened to a former creator of a large social media platform speak about this at one time) then my phone got some sort of a bug while updating and I ended up restoring it to factory settings and all my apps were wiped off. Somehow I never bothered to reinstall most of them WP being one of those until just a moment ago. Okay so I recently tried vr Art, an app called Painting Vr . Here’s my version of Starry Night by Vincent VanGogh .

Starry Night by Daz Vr Painting

This took me around 13 hours during almost a two week period to complete as it would be as if you were doing a 15 -17 foot by maybe 12 foot painting in reality.

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