Drawing Shirle Temple Time-lapse Video.

I mentioned that I had been wanting to do a time lapse video of my drawings and have been wanting to do so for quite awhile now, this is my second attempt at creating one, in the first the lighting was pretty bad and resulted in a grainy effect so I put that one aside. This one although it was a bit out of focus a couple of times came out okay.

Drawing Shirley Temple Time- lapse video.

I’ve been giving it a lot of thought and I think that this will be my final blog post for awhile, it just isn’t worth the effort anymore at the moment. Perhaps I may save my post’s and recreate a new blog entirely, or focus my attention on other areas, for now though I’m taking a break from posting here, anyway thanks to all those who took the time to have a read, it is appreciated.

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Who am I is one of the biggest questions that we're here to discover. I can say I am this or I am that but time changes everything, so we're always something new.

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    1. Thank you, your visits and comments are appreciated. Often times I create multiple blogs, you tube channels etc, to see what fits me best and it ends up being too hard to maintain all of them or sometimes I start over because I think that I need a new begining. Thanks again.

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