Drawing Shirle Temple Time-lapse Video.

I mentioned that I had been wanting to do a time lapse video of my drawings and have been wanting to do so for quite awhile now, this is my second attempt at creating one, in the first the lighting was pretty bad and resulted in a grainy effect so I put that one aside. This one although it was a bit out of focus a couple of times came out okay.

Drawing Shirley Temple Time- lapse video.

I’ve been giving it a lot of thought and I think that this will be my final blog post for awhile, it just isn’t worth the effort anymore at the moment. Perhaps I may save my post’s and recreate a new blog entirely, or focus my attention on other areas, for now though I’m taking a break from posting here, anyway thanks to all those who took the time to have a read, it is appreciated.

Another Shirley Temple

I wanted to do a time-lapse video of a drawing and decided to do another of Shirley Temple because I enjoy drawing her portraits.

I completed the drawing and the video but some parts of the recording weren’t focused well and the lighting wasn’t that good as I used natural lighting and did the drawing at different hours over a few days, perhaps I’ll upload it on YT. I’ve been thinking of deleting my WP and starting over from scratch , not sure what I’ll do. I enjoy sharing my work but I never was a fan of the public show or attention that comes with it but we live in a time where such measures are required .

Shirley Temple pencil drawing

Trying out Vr Art

So I haven’t been on WP for quite awhile now, at first I decided to take a little break, and I thought that I had become a little addicted to “likes” when I made a post, the creators of the like button knew very well what they were doing as they seem to understand a bit about human psychology and brain chemistry ( I had listened to a former creator of a large social media platform speak about this at one time) then my phone got some sort of a bug while updating and I ended up restoring it to factory settings and all my apps were wiped off. Somehow I never bothered to reinstall most of them WP being one of those until just a moment ago. Okay so I recently tried vr Art, an app called Painting Vr . Here’s my version of Starry Night by Vincent VanGogh .

Starry Night by Daz Vr Painting

This took me around 13 hours during almost a two week period to complete as it would be as if you were doing a 15 -17 foot by maybe 12 foot painting in reality.

Arnold  Schwarzenegger pencil portrait

arnold schwarzenegger pencil portrait

Lately I’ve not been in the art mood and so haven’t been doing much as I would , it happens sometimes, the inspiration dissapears and you’ve either got to take a break or work through it. This is a drawing of Arnold Schwarzenegger, I recently saw a you tube video of him at a charity sports event in South Africa that took place about a year ago, there he was mingling with the fans when out of no where an attention seeking nut runs in an dropkicks him in the back, that really pissed me off, firstly he was 71 years old at the time, I mean who would do that to an old man? Secondly he could have seriously injured or even broken Arnold’s back. I guess the nut thought that he would be forever famous as the guy who threw down the terminator, but in true terminator style Arnold took the unexpected kick in the back without falling down, it looked as if the guy droppedkicked a sack of cement.

Anyway hope you like and thanks for dropping by.

Sitting Bull pencil portrait

Sitting bull was a Native American Chief and holy man belonging to the Lakota people. He is famous for The battle of the little big horn and for working together with Buffalo Bill, he died of a gunshot wound after resisting arrest for suspicion that he might have joined up with a Native American spiritual movement that believed that a saviour would come to free them from the White man’s rule, I guessing that the forces in power at that time were thinking that Sitting Bull might play the saviour role, unfortunately I’m not a gifted writer so I won’t go on and on as those who might not know much about him can easily find details online.

I’ve been wanting to draw this for about 2 years now but kept putting it off, well I finally finished it. I decided not to blend my shading and leave my pencil marks showing this time, I actually prefer drawing like this and I also opted out the usual shading methods, cross hatching etc and just did my own thing, in fact I rather prefer doing my own thing in my own way once it works. I’m not going to overanalize my work, it is what it is, simply that.

Sitting Bull pencil portrait

Minstrel papermache sculpture

This is a sculpture that I made a few years ago, I recently repainted most of it excepting the head and banjo because the varnish had discolored the whites on the sculpture, originally I had tried to get a water-based clear varnish but was unable to find any at the hardware so I had to settle with the ordinary shellac varnish and this has a tendency to discolor after a while or when exposed to light, so after repainting I decided to use spray clear coat as a finisher for the sculpture. This took approximately a month to create.

The minstrel as portrayed in the sculpture is a local version of the minstrel character. That has been played/ portrayed in our traditional mas, “Ole mas” at Carnival time, where people dress in costumes that has been used over the years at Carnival time from the beginning.

Minstrel paper mache sculpture
Minstrel paper mache sculpture
Minstrel paper machine sculpture
Minstrel paper mache sculpture
Minstrel paper mache sculpture

Shirley Temple pencil portrait

So, I’ve said before. I enjoyed drawing Shirley Temple I think that she is a great subjected to draw and that she has a good collection of photos available online to choose from. I chose this photo because it looked like a challenge, with the facial expression and the hair, this was done from an online photo from the 1930s if I remember correctly. Anyway I’m not fond of doing hair, especially curly hair and that’s another reason why I decided to do this., to challenge myself.

I’ve been browsing the photos of actor’s from the early 1900s, there’s something about them, something that they have that seems missing in today’s actors. And surprisingly they have some pretty decent photographs that I can use should I decide to use them as drawing subjects.

This drawing took me only around eight hours to complete ( because I hurried it down) I like drawing realistic to a certain degree, but not hyper realistic because of the amount of time it would take to complete the drawing, and let’s not forget patience.

I decided to upload two copies of the same drawing under different lighting, I always seem to get trouble with the lighting when taking a photograph all my drawings it never really looks the way it does on the drawing perhaps I need to use a scanner.

Shirley Temple pencil portrait
Shirley Temple pencil portrait

Alf paper mache clay sculpture

Anyone remember Alf ? He was the mischief making , cat loving, always hungry little alien not crashed into the tanner’s house one night in the eighties sitcom that was called  Alf. 

This is first of the larger sculptures that I did, it was done  around three years ago, it’s also the heaviest one that I’ve made, weighing about 18/19 lbs, it’s made of shaped cardboard, plastic and PVC piping. It’s hollow inside, the weight is due to the massive amount of paper mache clay  that I used in creating it, also it was also layered with a wash of cement.

It stands about 32 inches tall just about 2 inches or so shorter that the real Alf and took about two months to complete between drying and layering.

Alf paper mache clay sculpture
Alf paper mache clay sculpture
Alf paper mache clay sculpture
Alf paper mache clay sculpture
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